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Professional ethics

The session includes an interview to get to know each other and to establish a relationship of trust, in order to know your need and your intention and to agree on the type of treatment (massage or Shiatsu, touch with oil, or dressed )  as you wish.


This includes your medical and surgical history, your difficulties and your current needs and will lead us to define together the areas of your body that require special attention.


If you wish, I can give you advice on your posture, your muscular areas or your relational or emotional difficulties.

This approach guarantees that the treatment is adapted to your needs and will also support you in your body development over time. If necessary, I can refer you to another health professional.

I am a member of the French Federation of Traditional Shiatsu. I am part of the Professional Union of Shiatsu Specialists and in this framework, I have the right to use the professional title Shiatsu Specialist. I am also part of the French Federation of Massages Bien-être and I am a Somatotherapist. All these different structures have a charter and a code of ethics to which I have subscribed.

Why these prices

The prices are  for a session, the duration of which you choose. 

Possibilities of fixed prices, if you come regularly.

If necessary, do not hesitate pas to contact me in order to find an agreement to allow you to benefit from the care. A reduction  is possible for retirees, students and on request.

Any session not canceled 48 hours before, is due. Thank you for your understanding.

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