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Personalized massages

You will be massaged and touched according to the areas defined during our preliminary interview. All massages are different, just like you. I use the techniques according to the need of your body.


The massages are performed with carefully selected organic oils and scented with the essential oil, you choose according to your needs.   .


Massage allows you to feel your body from head to toe. It reduces your  muscular pain, calms your mind, soothes your emotions, helps you recover the integrity of your physical identity. Deep relaxation  releases endorphins, which are natural painkillers. After regular sessions, pain decreases, sleep and mobility improve.

Depending on your condition at the beginning of the session, it is also possible to feel tired; your yawning then testifies to the regeneration of your vital systems.

The massage sessions accompany you on your personal path and help you to overcome temporary difficulties, either physical or emotional .


More information on massage : 

Link for the French Federation of Wellness Massage

Why choose massage ?

  • detoxify your body ;

  • relax ;

  • muscular pain ;

  • joint pain ;

  • lack of energy ;

  • desire to let go ;

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"I place myself at the service of your body and your mind, so that your own self-healing power awakens by the means of relaxation."

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