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Who am I

Marion Malgarini
Shiatsu Specialist
Massage Practitioner

I find peace and harmony primarily through the  touch   and through the  sounds .

Austrian, I have been living in France since 1995. The studies of the  Shiatsu ,  the bases of the  Traditional Chinese Medicine , as well as different approaches energetics allowed me to become aware of my identity, as well as of the energy that inhabits and connects all living things.

I discovered that each human being, like his journey, is unique, personal. I also experience that by entering into a relationship with our depths, we harmonize ourselves, in ourselves and with others.

Silence, breathing, and vital energy, Chi are among my main tools.

I perform my sessions from the space of my heart, I use the universal energy of love that circulates in us and around us at all times. All children of light, we have a right to love and happiness. 

We have a body to enjoy the gifts of our earth ; let's take care!

Qui suis je

Specialist in Shiatsu Professional title recognized by the state  ; approved by the  SPS  Professional Shiatsu Union ; since 2017.

Shiatsu practitioner graduated and approved by la  FFST  French Federation of Traditional Shiatsu ; Namikoshi-style ; 2005.

Praticien Massages Bien-Etre  diplômée et agrée par la  FFMBE  Fédération Française de Massage Bien-être  ; trainers Renato Pappalardo and Jean-Louis Abrassart ; 2009.

Somatotherapist  in Helping Relationship through Touch ; trainer Jean-Louis Abrassart ; 2016.

German mother tongue, bilingual English, Italian and Spanish good level.

What I like…

“  I like to see your face rested and relaxed after the treatment.
I like your looseness.
I like to use my hands, my experience and my sensitivity for you
provide good, to accompany you on your way to more vitality,
of shape and joy.
I like to put my own experience at your service and at the service of life
in us and around us.
I like knowing that everything is always in motion and that every situation
can change at any time and sometimes very quickly.
I like to welcome you.
I like our discussions.
I like to see us evolve over the sessions and the years.
I love the life in me, in us and around us. Thank you. »

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