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Scar care

Harmonizing a scar, ancient or recent, external or internal, and its trauma, is quite possible.
Injury, burn, fracture, operation, cesarean section, etc, each one marks its history and its circumstances in our flesh. It carries its cellular memory and its emotions within, such as frustration, fear, anger, guilt, sadness, joy...
Each scar is different and calls for a singular need; in one to three sessions, your perceptions of the operated area change permanently.

Taking care of your scar means taking care of your wholeness, welcoming yourself, respecting yourself and loving yourself. This work sets memories and emotions in motion until acceptance and liberation.


The global harmonization of scars is a technique developed by Dr. Mahé. David Kanner, osteopath, studied more particularly the effects of cesarean section and taught me the method.



You are  lying on a massage table. I guide you to relax and get in touch with your scar. I then work with my hands, away from the scar. Touching it is not necessary. You actively participate in the treatment with your feelings, your sensations, and by being present in your own body, You are the master of your treatment. My presence and action is always gentle. In general, clients feel relief in the area of the scar at the end of the session.

Why treating your scar?

This treatment considerably improves:

  • energy leaks ;

  • energy blockages (lack, stagnation, etc.);

  • adhesions and physical blockages ;

  • altered sensitivity and skin color ;

  • tactile or visual discomfort in the area ;

  • diffuse pain in the area or its periphery, even on old scars.

“We must listen to our souls if we want to become healthy.
Finally we are here, because there is no escape from ourselves.
As long as man does not meet himself in the eyes and in the heart of his neighbours,
He is on the run.
As long as he does not admit that his neighbors participate in his center,
There is no security.
As long as he fears being seen, he cannot recognize himself or the other,
He will be alone. Everything is linked to everything."
Hildegard von Bingen

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