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Do In

The path of man's energy between heaven and earth.

The ancestral Do In, literally "path and gestures that lead to the way of the Tao", considers our face a precise reflex map of our entire body. 

This millennial self-massage technique of Japanese origin instantly invigorates the body. It consists of simple pressures, tapping, mobilizations and stretching, as if doing Shiatsu on oneself. It is accompanied by deep breathing

Your back pain will be reduced as you progress. Your muscular and joint tensions will fade. You gain flexibility and autonomy, because you are learning the exercises. The stressful rhythm will have less influence in your daily life.  Learn the acupuncture points  which you can press yourself, act on the reflex zones of your body, relax its painful areas, soften your joints, relax at any time and as many times as you wish!


Tip ! At the end of a session your inner state of mind will be suitable to meditation.



Starting from 45 minutes on in a course or from 20 minutes on in your company or event. 

Why  practice Do-In?

  • accessible to all ;

  • easy appropriation ;

  • practiced from morning to evening ;

  • in the office, at home, in nature;

  • possible on zoom;

  • respect for everyone's possibilities ;

  • gives vitality and joy ;

  • joint flexibility;

  • immune system support;

  • frees your breathing ; 

"Man must harmonize mind and body."


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