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Prenatal and postnatal massage

Let yourself be pampered with your baby in a warm, generous atmosphere. For the prenatal massage, you are in a comfortable lateral position with cushions, in order to support your belly and provide more lightness to your body. You are massaged on one side, then on the other, with pure organic vegetable oil  (sesame or coconut of your choice).


The prenatal massage is an exquisite moment for the pregnant woman. I pay attention to the relaxation of the legs and the back. The baby relaxes and enjoys more space.


After childbirth, the uterus, reproductive organs and all your organs need repositioning in the body. Postnatal massage supports this process.


Why get a massage during pregnancy ?

  • accompany this huge process of transformation;

  • help with your emotional condition;

  • take time for yourself before the baby arrives;

  • relax your back;

  • relax your legs;

  • give the baby more space in a relaxed belly;

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