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Welcome to your spring detox

I'm glad to find you here. I've been doing detoxes since I was a teenager and I've experimented a lot around food and the body. Lately I feel attracted by the Ayurvedic tradition, because it is specialized in the purification of the organs, the cells and consequently, of the spirit. I find that we have a great need to calm our nervous system, constantly assaulted by our stressed and fast lifestyle . As our emotions are generated in the large intestine, this cleansing of the digestive system will allow the mind to clear .
This cure is a journey through spices, drinks, massages, rituals and physical exercises.
This week should help you distance yourself from habits that may not be very beneficial and that you have been wanting to let go for a while, without succeeding. It invites you to create space and become aware of what you would like to change in your daily life. It should purify you internally, body and mind.
What do you want to get rid of? For me it's the consumption of white sugar, eating too fast and eating too much at night. Choose something for yourself, a habit that you would like to erase from your life during these six days, all in love and gently, in order to observe what can enter, if you close this door. A detox creates space, allows one to withdraw, to observe, to find calm and clarity. What can you leave behind, in order to restart in this renewal of spring.
Shedding ballast is a process of letting go and renewing on all levels of being . What makes Detox Plaisir so special? Its peculiarity is, that you cook and eat only what is good for the process. Foods, herbs and spices that gently support the body to get rid of toxins and metabolic residues . At the same time, you increasingly inhabit your body. You gain in feeling what is good and less good for you. This week, you cook, reflect, meditate, stretch, let go and relax with lots of gentleness, love and attention for yourself. You eat well, and you drink a lot . Every day you will learn something around the theme of detox. I hope you will have a lot of fun taking care of yourself, and that you can bring lightness of body and mind into your daily life.

I wholeheartedly invite you to do the Pleasure Detox at your own pace , listen to your body's calls and desires in relation to what is on offer, look for that voice within you, which brings you the actions, nutrients, spices, which do you good. Experiment and observe the effects. It takes time sometimes, calm, silence and self-love. Take this week as a proposal, start today and enjoy learning and discovering.
I send you a lot of joy in this week Détox Plaisir
Audio to download
1) Guided meditation travels through the body to gently purify.

2) Abdomen Detox Massage , an accompaniment to self-massage of the abdomen to warm the skin and support the process of releasing toxins from the gut.

You can listen to and download the audios above. To switch from one piece to another, use the double arrows << or >>.

Tribute to Birch

This spring medicinal tree, so dear to men since antiquity. Anyone who likes to walk in the woods knows him, handsome, slender, with white bark and decorative horizontal stripes. It radiates friendliness, liveliness and a certain freshness. It embodies the feminine principle, but despite its graceful appearance, it is a very resilient tree that survives even in harsh conditions.

Birch is like a pharmacy firmly rooted in the ground, because its leaves or bark are good against many ailments. Its leaves are even edible, which is not the case with many trees. Possible uses range from hair tonic, to birch wine, which was once considered virilizing. In ancient times, birch was mainly associated with fertility, spring awakening and everything related to it.

Due to its proximity to the water element, it helps to make the juices flow, hence its draining power, which we seek during the treatment . Its juice or sap will accompany us during the detox week and even until April. It is a real well of cellular rejuvenation, which acts as an inner shower  !


Ginger is a powerful root with many virtues. It is still rather unknown in our Western culture, however considered in Asia as a precious plant and a universal remedy. Among other things, it stands out for its detoxifying, expectorant, digestive tonic, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory power. It facilitates digestion, helps against nausea, and fights diarrhea and mucus.
For our cure, ginger is above all used for its warming and penetrating side, which makes it an excellent way to activate its digestive fire in the abdomen . It regulates digestion, which is essential for successful detoxification. Ginger has the power to release toxins from cells, cleanse the blood, and intensely drain wastes out of the body . When the digestive fire is well stimulated, metabolic waste can be burned and eliminated. You will find a video to help you ignite that fire within you. In addition, ginger effectively reduces cravings for sweet or salty. Try drinking four cups of ginger tea throughout the day. You will find the recipe in the cookbook. If you feel the urge to eat mid-afternoon, sip a cup of ginger tea with (or without) honey.

How you will use ginger this week:
1. In herbal tea , pour boiling water over two slices and drink hot
2. In dishes , grate it fresh, or cut it into slices, directly into the vegetables during cooking.
Fresh ginger is often cut into rings to flavor dishes. In this case, many people remove the pieces from their plate. However, it is advisable to eat the pieces, especially if you have a cold constitution.

Your videos on YouTube 

Activate the fire of digestion in the hara. Practice these exercises every day, if possible.
Support liver and gallbladder energy during the detoxification process. Practice according to your need, ideally, twice during the cure.

Breathing to activate the energy of the lung , in connection with the skin, which plays an essential role in cleansing the body.   To practice rather in the morning.  

Your Pleasure Detox Journal

What is the point of having a diary or a notebook? Without obligation, you can rate your experiences this week. This exercise can help you observe certain inner processes, as they will become clearer as you write them down. It can help you express your thoughts, feelings and sensations in the body. Keeping a journal of your progress will also help you in the event of a slack or temporary difficulty. Writing not only serves to bring more clarity into your life, but also to purify your mind. It is also part of a detoxification process. Take the time you need to let your depth speak. Maybe you want to write in the evening before going to bed, or in the morning right after waking up. Don't think too much about what you write. Let the answers and ideas come intuitively. Let your inner voice speak. Here are some questions for the beginning of the cure:
How do I feel in my body right now?
What imbalances can I feel?
Do I perceive areas that trap toxins in my body?
What do I expect from the Detox Plaisir week?
What goals do I have for this week?
Why do I want to detox?
What do I want to purify?
Before you begin, contemplate this Eastern wisdom, 
“  Drink the solids, chew the liquids! » 
eat slowly

First, an important proposal for your detox week. Eat slowly, chew thoroughly. This has several advantages: if you chew more, the saliva will help digestion and your meal will be even more digestible. Coating food with saliva prepares it for digestion. Saliva is alkaline, unlike the digestive juices of the stomach, which are rather acidic. Their functions at the level of digestion are different. Saliva contains enzymes, amylases, which will begin the chemical digestion of carbohydrates. It breaks down carbohydrates, starches and sugars that are naturally present in foods of plant origin. By this first digestion, the work of the rest of the digestive tract is facilitated. We look for this effect during the detox cure, because relieving the digestive system will allow our body to have more energy to detoxify.
Eating slowly will also allow you to feel fuller when you have finished your plate. The brain sends the signal of satiety to the stomach after about twenty minutes. Before this time we do not feel if we have eaten enough.
My major tip is very easy to do. Put down your cutlery between each bite and fill your fork only when you have swallowed what
is in your mouth.
istockphoto-1000962832-612x612 (2)_edited_edited.jpg

Day 1 

Our journey begins tonight with a delicious vegetable and lentil soup (the recipe can be found in the recipe folder). You can organize the day so that you eat light dishes of fairly simple vegetables and rice, soups or spelled pasta and drink plenty of water. We start very relaxed. No pressure, no duty. Simply by the joy and the pleasure of doing us good. Tonight, simply eat this soup, and drink ginger tea with a little honey (optional). Then do the evening rituals described on the last page and try to go to bed around 9 p.m. This will get you in the mood for the week.

Day 2

Day two of our trip together. Hope you slept well and enjoyed the soup last night. And I hope you want to continue. The course is very focused on the pleasure aspect of the palate and the skin. It is essential to spend the week relaxed and motivated with desire, good humor and joy. Purification according to the Ayurvedic tradition, consists of a form of nutrition which cleanses, relieves digestion, and gives energy by eating the right foods. That's why today you will find delicious recipes and purification rituals to take care of your body.

Day 3

Hello to the third day. Hope you had a powerful second day of detox. Perhaps you already have the first symptoms of detoxification, such as fatigue, headaches or a little weakness. These symptoms are certainly uncomfortable, but usually they are just a natural reaction and nothing to worry about. The symptoms will fade over time. Here is the first aid list that helps you deal with it. We eat delicious food again and we drink a lot. Try to slow down in your daily life today, if you can, take the time to do the great sesame oil self-massage ritual. Hold on, it's not easy to give up your habits, but the carrot at the end of the road is to feel reborn as a new person at the end of the six days.

Day 4

Welcome to day four of our journey together. We passed half of the program. Quiet day, if you can. Today we will talk about the skin and its function as an emunctory organ and you will find some morning rituals to detoxify it.

A few mid-term questions: How are you? How do you feel ? Do you like food? Do you already feel the effects of the cure? Hold on, stay connected, enjoy the proposals and trust your intuition to guide you towards the right activities and the right advice to follow. Thinking of you! 

Day 5

Day five and we're almost there. Today is a day of recap, beauty and purification of the spirit. Take a break to reflect on a few questions with your journal and find the recipe for an extraordinary, skin-boosting scrub and sacred sage ritual for the subtle body. For the cleaning to be complete, the body and the mind need their tricks. Enjoy today's rituals. I wish you a lot of fun.

Day 6

Sixth day. Arrival. Day of celebration! Congratulation ! Do you feel different today? Lighter, freer, softer, more sensitive but also stronger than at the beginning of the process?   Today celebrate your success. Congratulate yourself for doing well, for completing the six-day detox, for being a new person. Be proud of yourself, today and every day, because you are a wonderful being and you know how to adapt to change, swim with the current and transform your life. The Ending Ritual will help you release the winter and purify your mind, in order to open the door wide to the renewal of spring in your life. A big thank you for your trust and for your participation. Good luck with this new way of nourishing yourself in a healthy and sensual way!
For the days to come
At the end of these six days, continue as long as it is good for you. You can vary the meals, the rituals, according to your desire and the message of your body. You can make yourself a good dish or soup from the list of recipes, whenever you feel the need to cleanse your body. I usually do it for a day. You can drink Ayurvedic lukewarm water and herbal tea all year round, as well as using sesame oil and brushing regularly.

I would like to thank you for taking this trip with me and allowing me to accompany you. Thank you for your trust. Thank you for your courage to experience something new and for accepting the challenge. I would be very happy if you send me a comment about your experience with the permission to publish it on my site or in a mailing, to motivate other people to do an online detox. Did you like ? How did you like the dishes? What has changed, expanded, been released?

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your presence and the energy you put into this week of detox together. 

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