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Distance Shiatsu treatment

Totally contactless session (no phone, no video), I work on your body, while you relax at home. 

How ?

1. We make an appointment.

2. You are settled at home or in a quiet place.

3. You receive a three-minute audio file, containing a guided relaxation to prepare for the treatment and you remain calm while I work.

4. I work on your meridians, your chakras, your body energy circulation.

5. When I have finished, you will receive a message confirming the end of the treatment

6. You remain calm and relaxed as long as possible in order to benefit from the effects of the treatment.

7. You let the treatment work for a few days, while observing your feelings and your inner state. You can call me afterwards to exchange, if you wish.

8. For lasting improvements in painful conditions, such as tendinitis, several sessions may be necessary.


As a general rule, this treatment is very rejuvenating, and you will feel relaxed after it. Depending on your condition before the treatment, you will feel an immediate result or you will feel it a little later. 

Will I feel anything during the treatment?

There are people who have sensations in the body and others who only feel a regenerative effect. You may be surprised about your feelings.


Duration of the session: 45 minutes (40 minutes of remote care plus telephone discussion time).



More information on Distance Shiatsu:

Why choose the Distance Shiatsu?

  • inability to move;

  • prolonged stress ;

  • sleep disorders ;

  • back pain ;

  • joint pain, tendinitis;

  • lack of energy ;

  • emotional imbalance (mourning...) ;

  • changes and transitions: 

Tip ! 

Accessible during lock-down.


The distance Shiatsu treatment is an advanced treatment and requires a lot of concentration, energy and grounding for the practitioner.   

Cliff Andrews, distance Shiatsu teacher

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